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What Are The Methods of Precision Cleaning of Metal Stamping Parts

Aug. 09, 2019

         How do we clean the metal stamping parts?What are the precision cleaning methods for metal stamping parts? Relatively most people do not know. In order to let you in the metal stamping parts in the premise of not damage, I will tell you the precision of the hardware stamping parts cleaning method. According to the stamping parts processing procedures for cleaning, but also according to the stamping parts cleaning precision, according to precision cleaning mainly includes three kinds:

Precision cleaning of metal stamping parts:

1.      General industrial cleaning

General industrial cleaning including vehicles, ships, aircraft surface cleaning, which can only get rid of relatively large dirt.

What Are The Methods of Precision Cleaning of Metal Stamping Parts

2.      Precision industrial cleaning

Precision industrial cleaning includes the cleaning of all kinds of products in the process of processing and production, the cleaning of all kinds of materials and equipment surface, etc. .

3.      Ultra-precision industrial cleaning

Ultra-precision cleaning includes the ultra-precision cleaning of mechanical parts, electronic component, optical parts, etc. in the process of precision industrial production with the aim of removing very small dirt particles.